Cryady is a jewelry brand that was born thanks to the brothers Giulia and Riccardo Bontà, successors of the company Bpm Accessori Srl, a Modenese artisan reality born in 1990 and established as a leader in the metalworking sector, in particular zamak, an alloy natural and anti-allergic.

Cryady is the result of the passion for creating unique and original Italian handmade jewelry, with a sophisticated design: each creation is inspired by the world of rock and underground.

Cryady is synonymous with street-wear jewelry for him and her.

Thanks to Giulia's creativity, Cryady also offers a glamorous line dedicated to the female world, in which gold and silver are enhanced by gems, enamels and meticulous craftsmanship.

Each piece of jewelry is handmade. Zamak and brass are skilfully handcrafted and then finished in hypoallergenic aged silver.

The strong point of Cryady is the craftsmanship and the possibility of always offering new accessories such as leather key rings with snap hooks in an aged silver bath combined with pendants such as skulls, tattoo machines, feathers, crosses.

These ever-green subjects are also featured as protagonists on necklaces or bracelets.

No less particular are the earrings, always rock-inspired, made with rings or pins and special charms such as the hand of Fatima, the sacred heart, semi-precious turquoise stones, white coral.

Cryady also offers a particular processing on necklaces, in which matte black and aged silver intertwine to give life to unique accessories of their kind, thanks also to the presence of abstract pendants born from the processing of studs or buttons, or subjects such as anchors, rudders, Buddhas, Gothic crosses.

The hand-made denim chains with brass chains in a silver or matte black bath, or with hard stones such as malachite, onyx, tiger's eye, carnelian or wood are also special.

Craftsmanship is the brand's key words and the art of manual processing is the strong point. The processing techniques and the materials used make Cryady creations innovative and particular.

These skills have made Cryady a spokesperson for Made In Italy in the showroom of the sector.