Visdhudda bracelet

Visdhudda bracelet

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Vishudda is one of the jewels of the Cryady collection in which the natural stones with the name Lapis Lazuli stand out which, thanks to the light and dark blue veins that characterize them, give preciousness to the bracelet. These natural stones are combined with natural alabaster white stones (a very particular shade of white) and two different types of metal washers in aged silver: one floral and the other striped. Cryady has chosen to give the name Vishudda to this jewel because it is inspired by the characteristics belonging to the lapis lazuli stone in fact this stone belongs to the fifth chakra known as the throat chakra as it is located right near our throat to be exact at the intersection of the bones of the clavicle with the vertex in the third cervical vertebra. It governs all the organs that are found around this area, namely the trachea, the throat, the vocal cords, the nose, the ears and the endocrine glands of the thyroid. Its Sanskrit name means "pure" by virtue of the fact that within it the body energy flows from the bottom upwards, purifying itself and taking shape in our most human and sophisticated interactions: listening and communication.
Il Vishuddha chakra is in fact connected to our expressive faculties to sincerity, diplomacy and creative expression. Like every jewel, Cryady Vishudda is made by our artisans who work every single component by hand, creating real creations that can be combined with any outfit from elegant to street to rock style. These details are representative of the made in Italy and the care in every single step that our craftsmen work to create each jewel. Material: semi-natural alloy (aluminum, zinc magnesium) brass natural stones (lapis lazuli) natural stones turquoise steel
Treatment: anti-allergic stain-resistant antique silver (nickel-free)

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