Krakatoa bracelet

Krakatoa bracelet

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Krakatoa is one of the jewels of the Cryady collection in which the natural lava stones stand out which, thanks to their opaque color and the roughness that characterize them, give preciousness to the bracelet. These natural stones are combined with natural turquoise stones and two different types of metal washers in aged silver: one floral and the other striped. Cryady has chosen to give the name Krakatoa to this jewel because it was inspired by a volcano in the active caldera state of the Indonesian island of Rakata located in the Sunda strait between the islands of Sumatra and Java. The name Krakatoa is also used to refer to the group of surrounding islands that make up the remains of a much larger island formed before the catastrophic eruption of 1883 by 3 distinct volcanic peaks. Krakatoa is known for the very violent eruption that occurred on August 27, 1883 which released an energy equal to 200 megatons (about 4 times that of the Tsar Bomb) and which caused what was presumably the loudest noise ever heard on the planet in historical times. a roar that would have been heard nearly five thousand kilometers away. The explosion reduced the island on which the volcano stood to ashes and unleashed a tidal wave 40 meters high that ran at a speed of 300 km / h. Like every jewel Cryady Vulcano is made by our artisans who hand work every single component creating real creations that can be combined with any outfit from elegant to street to rock style. These details are representative of made in Italy and the care in every single step that our craftsmen work to create each jewel.

Material: semi-natural alloy (aluminum, zinc magnesium) brass natural stones (lava stone) natural stones turquoise steel
Treatment: anti-allergic stain-resistant antique silver (nickel-free)

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