Direction necklace

Direction necklace

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The particular pendant is what stands out about this jewel that recalls a past style.
The frame of the pendant is a chain that crowns the rudder in the center. The Direction necklace is a jewel that represents the true made in Italy represents the exact expression of Italian craftsmanship.The rudder is the tool that allows you to change course with the boat. Since it is an instrument that is used on boats, it is a symbol very closely linked to the sea and to the sailors. It is part of the old school tattoo family. the rudder has dual meanings: Guide (whoever is at the helm is at the wheel against stormy winds and seas) perseverance (whoever is at the helm must never give up command (whoever is at the helm is a person with command skills) change (who is at the helm rudder can change course) firmness (whoever is at the helm must be cold in decisions) love of the sea (whoever uses the rudder is a sailor or loves the sea).
Material: Semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium aluminum) brass
Treatment: hypoallergenic aged silver (100% nickel-free)

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