Dead money necklace

Dead money necklace

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An unconventional jewel, the bronze color of the coin with an engraved skull makes this necklace an expression of true made in Italy. Cryady wanted to create this necklace by being inspired by the meaning that the skull and the coin represent in the world of tattoo and then join them together in fact the coin contains the meaning of the memory of a journey a particularly significant experience an adventure while the skull is a symbol universal and widespread in practically any culture in the world, for millennia, the skull has accompanied the social and spiritual evolution of man with changing meanings that are linked to other symbols. The skull represents the only thing that remains after the death of the human being: the skeleton of which the skull is a symbol of the life force contained in the head. Symbolizes the transience of life, the vanity of earthly things, death, the gods of the dead and time. But the skull stripped of the flesh can only be fatally a memento mori a grandiose simple representation of the non-permanence of the great threshold that awaits all indifferently the point of no return beyond which even the alchemy that associates it with the black color does not see the possibility of another transformation but only the even more radical one of a new creation. It also represents the contempt of danger as a symbol of victory over the enemy. Material: Semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium aluminum) brass
Treatment: hypoallergenic aged silver (100% nickel-free) hypoallergenic aged brass (100% nickel-free)

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