Corazon sagrado keychain

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This keychain is definitely one of the accessories of the Cryady collection which is a clear expression of the brand's craftsmanship. The massive carabiner in chromed zamak in hypoallergenic aged silver therefore nickel free supports a segment of black leather in No crocodile skin texture garnished with two studs. In the final part, that is, the absolute protagonist of this handcrafted accessory, namely the oval pendant with a sacred heart in the center in the relief side. The name of this key ring is in Spanish since it is precisely the sacred heart that is present in the center of the Spanish flag in a certain historical period, that is, at the time of the Requetè, the Catholic Carlist counter-revolutionaries during the Iberian Civil War. The sacred heart is a symbol full of meaning: it is no coincidence that the sacred heart is one of the most tattooed subjects. It is the symbol par excellence of life and sentiment but also of intelligence. The image of a Heart is a very powerful talisman and inside every living heart that beats there is the Heart of the World the breath of God. Hit me in the heart is a sentence to explain a strong positive or negative emotion. An unfulfilled desire, an indelible memory of a person we loved and cannot see again, it is said that it has remained in the heart. When we are sincere we are sincere with the heart when we give something spontaneously we give it with the heart. This represents that a person is very generous in fact from here comes the phrase that is often said or has a heart of gold. In many fairy tales when you want to evoke a character crushed by pain it is said that the heart broke in the chest while a saying has also become the title of a best-selling novel: Where your heart takes you. Carabiner: height 5 cm width 2 cm Pendant: height 250 cm width 2 cm Leather: height 5 cm width 1cm Material: Zamak with nickel-free, hypoallergenic aged silver chrome plating. Black eco leather in crocodile skin texture.

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