Revenge ring

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This ring owes its particularity to the image that stands out in the central part, that is, a dagger can convey different concepts from the concept of betrayal suffered or made a lost love. The dagger could symbolize a cut off a bad relationship or a particularly suffering memory of a trauma. Many times a dagger tattoo can express a sense of sacrifice and you find yourself in a position of intense sacrifice possessing a singular devotion. The dagger is representative of those who try to fight against materialism and consumerism of those who try to return free from any kind of restriction or if they pursue the enlightenment that frees them from any limitation imposed (by themselves or by others). MATERIAL: semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium and aluminum)
TREATMENT: aged silver hypoallergenic 100% without nickel
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Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 60€
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