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A ring that is certainly very special and full of meaning is the Tiger! In fact, Cryady wanted to represent a tiger because the tiger is a very feared and extremely fascinating ferocious animal. In Asia, his strength was both admired and feared. It was a yang animal that is masculine with the exception of the white tigers which were instead associated with the yin / feminine. Although for some his energy was mutually yin and yang. On the other hand, in Southeast Asia she was considered an initiator capable of leading newbies into the jungle to die and be reborn. So an animal halfway between two worlds. But the tigers were also considered protectors it was believed that they were able to drive out demons and for this reason their image was often depicted on the door posts and their sculptures positioned on the tombs. In Malaysia, healers could transform themselves into tigers. In Buddhism the tiger represents faith and spiritual effort. Their weak point according to their enemies is maternal love for which they would be willing to do anything even to sacrifice themselves. MATERIAL: semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium and aluminum)
TREATMENT: aged silver hypoallergenic 100% nickel-free protective anti-stain treatment
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Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 60€
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