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The protagonist of this ring is the bear, which embodies positive qualities such as courage, kindness, strength and great will. But it can also become a symbol of negativity when associated with ferocity, craving, wickedness. They have made many films about him such as "Grizzly", "My friend Nanuk", "The Bear". In China it is a sign of strength, courage, virility and authority. In Japan it is a symbol of strength, heroism, affability and patience. Some peoples such as the Greeks and the ancient Germanic peoples associated the Bear with their own divinities. In addition, they represented the latter with the likeness of the Bear. Some shamans used the skins of this mammal to get in touch with evil spirits. For the Celts its conception is linked to the Moon, assuming a feminine meaning. It is therefore related to pregnancy, motherhood and the protection of the offspring (or of the family in general).

Material: Semi-natural alloy (magnesium, zinc, aluminum).
Treatment: Aged hypoallergenic silver (nickel free / hypoallergenic ) and stain-resistant protective cover.
Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 100€
Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 100€
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