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The protagonist of this ring is the Wolf, one of the most seductive and magnetic creatures of the animal kingdom. Misunderstood and shrouded in false stereotypes, the wolf is usually associated with cruelty and ferocity, and considered an animal to be feared. In reality, the wolf is an emblem of strength, loyalty, intelligence, generosity, and also of sociability and affability. It is also a symbol of respect, belonging, family. In the saga "The Witcher" in fact the protagonist, who fights evil, is associated with the name of White Wolf.

Material: Semi-natural alloy (magnesium, zinc, aluminum).
Treatment: Aged hypoallergenic silver (nickel free / hypoallergenic) and protective stain cover.

Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 60€
Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 60€
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