Plumes bracelet

Plumes bracelet

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The Plumes bracelet owes its particularity to the processes that have been used to create this real niche bracelet. In fact it is made with two types of feather pendants that alternate with each other. The seven feathers are attached to a chain whose workmanship is made particular by both the color and the features, in fact it is intertwined and shiny. Surely it is a jewel in which the details are representative of the made in Italy and the care in every single step that our craftsmen work to create each jewel. Cryady to create the Plumes bracelet was inspired by the intrinsic meaning of the feather in fact they are also linked to other meanings such as hope honor freedom purity truth magic dreams faith and wisdom. If Egyptology is your thing you should know that feathers could symbolize the wisdom of the goddess Maat and that she was a matriarchal figure linked to truth and justice. They also have meanings inherent in brave hearts or indicating the spiritual master. The feather or feathers are also connected to the thought of the higher mind to the intellect this because the feathers like the birds are associated with the air to the sky thus also connecting the dreams, the inspiration and the spiritual ascension. Material: semi-natural alloy (aluminum, zinc magnesium) aluminum steel
Treatment: antique silver hypoallergenic stain-resistant (no nickel) shiny silver hypoallergenic stain-resistant (no nickel)

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