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One of the most rock style bracelets of the Cryady collection is the Skulland bracelet in which the skulls follow each other to hug the wrist. The skull is one of the most popular symbols and despite being old school it remains an evergreen that has evolved over time with the addition of colors and infinite varieties of shape, size and various objects that surround it. It is a symbol that contains many meanings, all of which are profound and often not easy to decipher exactly. It certainly concerns the sphere of esotericism and the dialogue between life and death. This double aspect is undoubtedly contained in the skull which on the one hand is a sign of death and on the other is a visible sign of a lived experience. In the Christian context it is a sign to remind us of life after death and therefore an invitation to behave correctly in order to live in Heaven without being condemned to hell. It also has the function of exorcising death in some way by making its bearer remember the famous Latin saying “memento mori” which means “remember that you must die”. Finally, we can recall the great use that has been made of it in war and in the context of piracy to intimidate enemies and foreshadow their fate in the event that they clash with them. For these reasons it remains a strong sign to wear and it is always better to take the people who have this type of tattoo with a grain of salt. Material: semi-natural alloy (aluminum, zinc magnesium) brass
Treatment: anti-allergenic stain-resistant antique silver (without nickel)
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Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 60€
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