Punk skull necklace

Punk skull necklace

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One of the punk-style necklaces of the Cryady collection is the Punk Skull necklace in which the real protagonist is the skull pendant made special by the texture on the head formed by many small cones in which the succession of points makes it look like a crest. Hence the name Punk Skull as in punk culture the crest is one of the distinctive features. The skull can represent the victory of Death over life and the fleetingness of existence, however the negative impact of the message can be tempered by faith in Life beyond Death. Usually when you manage to change your life positively, you tattoo a skull which represents the past life you left behind. The cross is one of the most controversial symbols used to express the deep bond with one's spirituality. Material: Semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium aluminum) brass
Treatment: hypoallergenic aged silver (100% nickel-free)

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