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Cryady's rock style finds expression in this necklace in which the real protagonist is the pendant with a three-dimensional skull in hypoallergenic light gold finished in every detail. In the common imagination, the skull has often had negative connotations. But the macabre Gothic image par excellence has recently been at the center of a global phenomenon: The Skull-Mania. Impossible to mention all the often dark gothic punk and rock'n'roll musical groups that have used the skull in their promotion (some examples Grateful Death, Metallica and not least the Flaming Lips) as well as ideally infinite are the cinematographic references for one of the most known and widespread symbols in the world (Captain Hook's ship in Peter Pan is called “Jolly Roger”). But the skull was not only used by "the greats": various cartoons and video games make use of this symbol, suffice it to recall the cult of the 70s, Captain Harlock, a real precursor. Light Gold Skull is definitely a jewel in which the details are representative of the made in Italy and the care in every single step that our craftsmen work to create each jewel. Material: Semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium aluminum) brass
Treatment: hypoallergenic aged silver (100% nickel free) hypoallergenic light gold (100 € nickel free)
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Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 60€
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