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The protagonist of this ring is the capricorn. The Earth sign Capricorn, Cardinal, Feminine, Ambitious, eager for power, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Capricorn symbolizes the X house of the zodiac, which represents the affirmation in the social field.
Capricorn is considered, in esoteric astrology, the door of the Gods: the one through which one accesses higher levels of awareness.
Capricorn is one of the symbols associated with the esoteric world, the world of witches, since it, combined with black, represents the door to the absolute.
Capricorn is also present as a figure in the video game “The Witcher”: in fact "The edge of the world" is a story included in the collection The Guardian of the Innocents. The story is an account of the first adventure of Dandelion and Geralt together, at the edge of the known world, in the valley of flowers in the fields, among the ears of hemp and hops, Geralt and Ranucolo meet the famous "devil": he is a goat beast, similar to a satyr, complete with a tail and hooves, a capricorn.

Material: Semi-natural alloy (magnesium, zinc, aluminum), brass.
Treatment: Aged hypoallergenic silver (nickel free / hypoallergenic) and stain-resistant protective cover.
Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 100€
Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 100€
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