Indian skull keychain

Indian skull keychain

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“Indian Skull” is a keychain made up of a solid shaped carabiner in chromed zamak in hypoallergenic aged silver, therefore without nickel. Attached to the carabiner is a leather segment with crocodile skin texture in the center of which there are two studs. Then there is the absolute protagonist of this keychain that is a skull characterized by the typical "Kostoweh" worn by native leaders, typical of the American Indian tribes. The feather headdress is of fundamental importance. The value and honor of the warrior was represented precisely by the number of eagle feathers in his headdress which was reserved only for those who had carried out actions of particular social importance. The eagle feathers represented the prayers the rays of the sun and the energy radiated by the great spirit the protection of the eagle and the more you had the more a headdress was adorned with feathers the greater was the valor and honor of that warrior who wore it. The headdress with feathers was a symbol of the people in charge. Tribal leaders and shamans had the ability to use it. They can also be called shamanic symbols. Feathers for Native Americans represented freedom and the. Indian feathers are also very common symbols. Often used as an ornament of head covers as an accessory to stick in the hair or to decorate their work and war tools. Carabiner: height 5 cm width 2 cm Pendant: height 4 cm width 3 cm Leather: height 5 cm width 1cm Material: Zamak with nickel-free, hypoallergenic aged silver chrome plating. Black eco leather in crocodile skin texture.

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