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This keychain features a three-dimensional pendant in the form of a hand grenade or grenade, which is a disposable explosive throwing weapon which, equipped with a special fuze, is used in military clashes. The bomb symbol in the tattoo world represents a destructive and annihilating explosive force. Most of the time it emphasizes the idea of ​​war but also symbolizes energy especially in its aggressive and destructive aspect. The bomb has a specific meaning according to the intentions of the message that you want to communicate in fact it is now coupled with a dove now with the classic cloud of the nuclear mushroom now with Jolly Roger (the skull and crossbones). This handcrafted accessory has as its central part a segment of black leather in crocodile skin texture in the center of which there are two studs. All hooked to a zamak musket of the same chrome plating as the pendant, that is hypoallergenic aged silver therefore nickel free. Especially at rallies where lovers of the custom world also participate, they have chosen this type of key ring to attach to their keys. But not only motorcycle lovers were attracted by this particular keychain but also lovers of the world of tattoos. This key ring can be used in various ways: hooked to the loop of your trousers attached to the jeans chain together with your keys or on a pouch or bag. Carabiner: height 4 cm width 15 cm Pendant: height 2 cm width 150 cm Leather: height 5 cm width 1 cm Material: Zamak with nickel-free, hypoallergenic aged silver chrome plating. Black eco leather in crocodile skin texture.

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Spedizione veloce e gratuita sopra i 60€
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