Turquoise soul keychain

Turquoise soul keychain

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Cryady also wanted to use semi-precious natural stones in this collection. An example is the key ring “Turquoise soul ”in which the hard aventurine stone is enclosed in a setting made special by the two crosses on opposite sides. This natural stone has many properties: being a stone with a strong spiritual value, it is very useful for stress as well as preventing mood swings. It has been known since ancient times for being a protective stone so you can relax during meditation with turquoise as it will act as a shield to any negativity. To finish this pendant is the twisted ring from which a simple brass ring dipped in hypoallergenic antique silver starts. Material: Semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium aluminum) brass natural stone Turquoise
Treatment: hypoallergenic aged silver (100% nickel-free)

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