Dreamcatcher keychain

Dreamcatcher keychain

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This key ring handmade by our artisans is composed of a key ring and the pendant. The pendant is in the shape of a "dream catcher" made up of the central and the three feathers that descend. The dream catcher symbolizes the air and the flight of birds. It is composed of an external circle that represents the cycle of life and the universe with an internal network that holds the negative dreams which vanish with the first light of the morning leaving the positive dreams free to flow and the feathers symbolize the wind that drives away the negative dreams. This keychain is an object that, if given or owned, gives luck and serenity. The dream catcher comes from the Lakota Native American tribes, one of the indigenous tribes of North America. According to this tribe, dream catchers are used to ward off nightmares and drive away negative energies. Material: Semi-natural alloy (zinc magnesium aluminum) brass
Treatment: hypoallergenic aged silver (100% nickel-free)

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